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Nib (JK27) - Cottage Garden Threads

Nib (JK27) - Cottage Garden Threads

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As stitchers themselves, CGT designed their threads so you will love the colour and feel the difference. They've thought of everything to make your work sing all while making your stitching experience as joyful as possible.

Highest Quality base thread – They start by selecting the best long staple cotton in the world.

Colour design – Short colour changes with seamless blends allow you to enjoy the variegation even when stitching small details. The same colour at each end of the conveniently pre-cut lengths* creates continuity of colour when finishing a length and re-loading your needle.

Specially developed processes – From preparation to finished thread, their 9-step process ensures a high sheen and low knotting rate. Say goodbye to frustrating knots interrupting your work.

Convenient packaging – Their clever pop and drop system allows you to keep the thread information handy. By simply pulling on the left hand side of the skein, the thread will untwist and be ready to use length by length, or strand by strand.

*Stranded threads are pre-cut 50cm lengths, Perle’s are 15m continuous. See Threads weights and packaging tabs for more information.

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