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No Count Cross Stitch - Rose Fan

No Count Cross Stitch - Rose Fan

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As the name implies, No-Count Cross Stitch is cross stitch without the counting. Precise Colour Print on Aida


  • Time Saving! No need to count or refer to the paper chart to find your place.
  • Easy & Fun! Immediately identify each area of colour to stitch. Now it is easy and fun to plan the progress of your work.
  • Practical! Grid lines are printed on the fabric at each 10 square interval.
  • Streamlined! The symbol key is printed on the fabric piece right beside your design.
  • Relaxing! Stitching directly on the fabric without having to count is more relaxing for the eyes and the mind.
  • Thinking Ahead! Immediately see the size and scope of your whole design on the fabric piece, making it easy to plan framing and display space in advance.
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