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Peaceful Night Dreams - Barbara Ana Designs

Peaceful Night Dreams - Barbara Ana Designs

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Dreams are a way of escaping from the real world, opening the door to fantasy and designer Barbara Ana is always ready to follow the surprising paths dictated by her creative mind. Her dreaming girl is captured at night time, eyes closed, serene. Her dream opens up behind her, as if a window opened into her mind.

It is dark, a full moon is shining. Fir trees stand atop a hill. Her hair as if blown sideways by the wind, forms like a huge wave. Oversize flowers - or are they seaweed? -  flow with the current. Below as if in a valley, is a quiet village, houses all lit up.

The girl herself seems to be growing deer-like horns. Her head bears a crown. Hanging from her ears are tiny lanterns, more light in the night.

The cross stitch pattern is fun to stitch, with interesting detail such as the girl's T-shirt - or is it her pyjama ? - featuring a cat motif inspired by the pixel-like images of early video games.

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